2015 Showreel

July 28, 2013

Time for a new show reel! All work shown done at ReelFX.

Shot 01: Xibalba (WIth the help from the amazing Daniel McCrummen)
Shot 02: Dead Manolo
Shot 03: Carlos
Shot 04: Minion’s faces
Shot 05: Jenny
Shot 06: Fugly Turkey
Shot 07: Myles
Shot 08: Ellie + Peach’s hair
Shot 09: Prancer’s body
Shot 10-11: Tweety’s body



May 15, 2010

Professional Skills

  • Creating rigs for film, games, commercial and television
  • Works well in a high stress, deadline-oriented environment
  • Able to produce timely, high-quality tools to alleviate stress in the pipeline
  • Arranging and maintaining education initiatives for both rigging and associated departments

Professional Summary

PDI/Dreamworks, Character TD (2013 – Present)

  • Trolls
  • Monkeys

ReelFX, Cloth/Rigging Artist (2011 – 2013)

  • The Book of Life
  • Free Birds
  • Despicable Me Minion Mayhem
  • Looney Tunes – Daffy’s Rhapsody
  • Looney Tunes – I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat
  • Looney Tunes – Road Runner
  • Rockettes (Broadway)
  • Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas (TV)

ReelFX, Rigging Apprentice (2010 – 2011)

  • Chatter Super Bowl Spot (Commercial)
  • Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer
  • Take Your Medicine (Music Video)
  • Open Season 3 (3DTV Commercial)
  • Iris (Short Film)
  • Sleep to Live (In-Store Commercial)

Full Sail University (2010)

  • Teacher Assistant


  • Full Sail University (2010)
  • University of Illinois (2008)

Book of Life, Xibalba Breakdown

February 6, 2015

Here’s a character breakdown of Xibalba from the Book of Life. The rig was made by myself and the amazing Daniel McCrummen at ReelFX Studios

The Book of Life

May 29, 2014

It’s been a long wait but the first trailer for the Book of Life is finally out!  It was quite a difficult show but it looks like everything has turned out fantastically.  I worked on a handful of characters for this project, and two of them are revealed in the trailer.  The first one would be Xibalba, the God of the Land of the Forgotten, and the other being the dead version of Manolo.

Here’s the trailer, and below are some images from the characters I worked on








Big Move

December 3, 2013

It’s been awhile since I have last updated, and some big things have happened.  After a little more than three amazing years at ReelFX Studios, it was time for me to explore what else was out there.  I received an opportunity to work for Dreamworks Animation in San Francisco and I just could not say no.  So here’s hopefully the first of many new posts about my new job as a Character TD at PDI/Dreamworks.



Free Birds Trailer #2

September 26, 2013

New FREE BIRDS, 30 Second Spot!

September 16, 2013

I can’t wait for November 1st to be here!



June 19, 2013

Here’s a link to ReelFX’s and my own first movie!


Here’s a list of all the characters I worked on. See if you can spot a few!

chiefBroadbeak (FACE/BODY)
chiefMassasoit (BODY)
fuglyTurkeyA (FACE/BODY)
general (FACE/BODY)
genFactoryTurkeyMaleA (FACE)
genFactoryTurkeyFemaleA (FACE)
genHorseA (FACE)
genHumanMaleMed + variants (RIG CLEANUP)
genHumanMaleShort + variants (BODY)
genHumanMaleTall + variants (BODY)

genPilgrimFemaleMed (FACE)
genPilgrimFemaleShort (FACE)
genPilgrimFemaleTall (FACE)
genPilgrimMaleTall (FACE)
genPilgrimMaleMed (FACE)
genTurkeyMaleMed (FACE)
genTurkeyMaleShort (FACE)
genTurkeyMaleTall (FACE)
genTurkeyBoyHatchling (BODY)
genTurkeyFemaleMed (FACE)

genTurkeyFemaleShort (FACE)
genTurkeyFemaleTall (FACE)
lieutenantGeneral (FACE/BODY)
lilPetey (FACE/BODY)
leatherbeak (FACE)
jenny (FACE/BODY)
hunterA (FACE)
hunterB (FACE)
hunterC (FACE)
hunterD (FACE)

guardDogA (FACE)
turkzilla (FACE)
ranger (FACE)
mylesStandish (FACE/BODY)
modernOldTurkey (FACE)
youngJake (FACE/BODY)
clydesdaleHorse (FACE)

Turkeys (2014)

October 25, 2012


Dream come true time folks.  Everything has come together and ReelFX finally has the green light to release out first film.  It’s pretty amazing to be apart of a studio’s first attempt at the feature film market.  Hopefully I’ll have more to divulge as it becomes available… and once animators stop nagging me about those blasted turkey face rigs.

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem

July 7, 2012

Hello everyone,

This maybe the last update before we transition over feature films over at ReelFX.  This last project was a doosey.  Almost 500 to rig and simulate for the small team of ours and not enough hours to do it, but that’s how production goes.  While stressful, I think this project has been the most rewarding experience so far.  I can’t remember everything I rigged on this project but some highlights were all the minion’s faces, Edith, Nefario, and Kyle (plus dozens of props).

I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat

May 22, 2012

Hello everyone, long time no update.  Looks like one of our Looney Tunes shorts was finally uploaded online.  I’m a little excited for this one because I got to rig Tweety him/herself.  I also had a few cloth and animation finaling shots in there as well.  I hope you all enjoy.